Hello! I'm AJaye.

I'm a brand developer, web designer and marketing coach specializing in creative direction and project management. I'm passionate in my pursuit to help small businesses reach their goals, and for them to look good while doing so.


Fueled by Innovation

I live and breathe the digital world. I'm passionate about online media, an early adopter of the latest tech, and I never stop searching for new innovations.

Inspired by Purpose

I'm constantly learning, growing and evolving. I enjoy taking on thought provoking projects and I view everyday as an opportunity to be better.

Driven by Creativity

Born with a creative and visionary spirit, I'm always in search of the next big idea. I want to make a positive impact by generating ideas that lead to solutions.

Design + Innovation + Creativity + Technology

I'm a creative and results-minded marketing and communications strategist with experience in developing and growing brands. I excel in digital marketing, design, and brand development, with proven success in increasing online presence and brand awareness. I’m a passionate problem solver delivering a thoughtful perspective and blend of creative chops and digital data-savvy. I’m entrepreneurial at heart and a team player recognized for my impassioned approach and innovative ideas.
A Jaye Ranes


I graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with in Advertising and Digital Communications. Since graduating, I've gained experience in online marketing, web design, social media marketing, copywriting, content development. I am now working as an digital marketing consultant, designer, and brand strategist for a diverse group of clients.

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Why Me?

I deliver innovative solutions & drive the ideas that move brands forward.



I pour my heart into everything I do. I possess a burning desire to produce good work and do it with energy and enthusiasm.


I have a high regard for team building and enjoy interacting with people. I work exceptionally well in group environments.


I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and getting into the nitty gritty of any project I take on. I enjoy being apart of the process.


I see business as an art. I am a creative catalyst that mixes ideas, pushes concepts and finds the best way to energize brands.


I'm always looking out for new opportunities to advance. I am not afraid to take risks for the sake of making things better.


I think like a business owner. I plan projects carefully and I focus on growth. I am 100% committed to delivering the best results.



I work closely with clients to create work that exceeds expectations. Crafting bespoke solutions is what I pride myself on; an approach that allows me to build long-lasting relationships. In 2016, I founded AR Digital Design and currently work with brands and individuals on an independent basis. I'm currently for hire so feel free to contact me.

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Client Relations

Creative Direction

Content Creation

Email Marketing

Online Campaigns

Digital Strategy

Web Design

Biz Development

Brand Development


Latest Projects

A selection of the most recent work from my portfolio.


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Let's Work Together

You can find me sharing my thoughts on Twitter, and offering my latest insights on my Blog, but I'd love hearing from you in person, so fell free to contact me anytime.



  • AJaye has the passion, skills and enthusiasm needed to succeed in this industry... a total pleasure to work with.
      Ryan Cassell
  • A very talented designer and business person. AJaye has unique ideas and an exceptionally creative style.
      Janet Moeller
  • Innovative, original, determined, enterprising, progressive.
      Christopher Judge
  • AJaye is always focused on continuing to learn and challenge himself. He is helping to define what the marketing is.
      Mark Dietz
A Jaye Ranes
Digital Marketer, Creative Director, Designer & Producer