Making math fun through clever design. Brainetics is an educational game that teaches you to use your brain more efficiently to process and memorize information so you can do amazing things with math and memory. Brainetics has been featured on ABC's 20/20 and has won numerous awards like Parent's Choice and Mom's Best Winner.



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Discovery & Strategy
Visual Identity
Design & UI
Digital Strategy
Social Media Marketing
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Expand brand awareness and establish online presence.

Redesign website and overall brand identity.

Increase brand awareness using social media channels and direct traffic to the website.


Developed and optimized a responsive website with strategically placed CTAs.

Implemented various social media campaigns to increase engagement and drive traffic to the website.

Increased brand awareness using social media channels.


Brought brand vision to life via upgraded visual identity.

New digital experience resulted in an increase in incoming traffic to the website.

Saw an increase in leads generated, supported by a strategy for continued growth.

Brand Identity

Making math fun through brand experience

The concept of having “having fun while learning” is deeply rooted in the Brainetics brand and is showcased in its visual identity. Vivid colors were incorporated into the new brand identity to represent its fun nature.


Logo Design

The new logo is simple, yet recognizable and good looking. The logo follows the same brand color guideline and looks fresh & modern.


Style Guidelines

Color Swatch - Brainetics (1).png


As a visual aid to the brand’s focus on education and the unique design elements of the website, custom iconography was created. The series of icons elegantly communicates every detail and makes information easily digestible and entertaining.


Designed & developed for education

Crafted a kid-friendly website that adjusts seamlessly between platforms and engages users in the content. Pages were designed to not only be informative but also showcase the fun nature of the brand.


UI Design

The new website is simple, yet recognizable and good looking. The site follows the same brand color guideline as the logo making it feel fresh & modern.

Behance Page Image Template.png
Digital Strategy

Amplifying brand voice

With an integrated, cross-channel strategy, the power of social media was leveraged by producing imagery, curating content, and distributing it across online media channels to build audiences, increase traffic, and drive sales.

Interactive content , vivid visuals, and responsive design.


Enticing content equals engaged consumers.


Content the excites

Created a suite of social and digital content to help communicate the value of the brand’s product across all channels in a unified and aspirational way. Designed social content to feel bright and exciting to mimic the brand itself and inspire a desire to learn.


Visual Storytelling

It’s not just about publishing cute photos, you have to put thought into what’s the best visual way of representing the brand online. The first thing audience sees when interacting with your brand on social media is your brand’s photos and videos – first, they see the photo, then (if it’s intriguing enough) they read the copy. This is the guiding thought when creating visual guidelines for a brand.


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