Boasting a consistent and current presence in the media, Casselman's is a staple in Denver nightlife and remains one of the city’s most prominent live concert venues. With over 10,000 square feet of event space in the trendy RiNo district, Casselman’s is more than just a bar. It's also an ideal destination for a robust meal, a concert or a private party.




Research & Discovery
Creative Direction
Design & Development
Event Planning & Promotion
Social Media Management
Digital Marketing



Events & Entertainment
Food & Beverage

Brand Identity

Crafting a brand refresh strategy

Casselman’s needed a new brand identity that contributed to achieving its main goal of heightening brand awareness of the venue and its many events. Their old branding and logo designs were out of date and didn’t do justice to their business so a complete overhaul of the brand was conducted.

Engaged in multiple aspects of design and branding, including strategic planning, copywriting, digital design, art direction, and photo editing.

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Identity Redesign

Defined the brand purpose, crafted a vision, and worked directly with Casselman's to update their logo, brand assets, and overall identity. The original logo was reimagined and redesigned to give Casselman's a fresh and modern look.

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Brand Development

Nurturing growth & expansion

Created, developed, and launched a new sub-brand, The North End, under the Casselman's umbrella to expand customer base, broaden demographics, and draw in a more diverse crowd.

The North End

The idea was to develop a smaller stage lounge area at the front of the club for local musicians and develop a brand around it. The North End allows for smaller bands to play to a smaller, more intimate crowd and provide a contrast to the major National acts housed in the main room.

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Marketing Collateral

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Reinventing nightlife

Designed promotional graphics for social media campaigns, email newsletters, print advertising, event flyers, etc. Promoted events and live music concerts resulted in a major increase in event bookings and ticket sales.

  Immersive venue photography

  Integrated and customized booking forms

  Eclectic editorial layout

  Focus on community


Capturing golden moments

Photography contributed immensely to Casselman's marketing plan. Working alongside a photographer, various bespoke images within the defined brand aesthetic were captured at various events. The best photos ultimately ended up in a portfolio of ‘lifestyle photography’ for use within website and marketing materials. Images used in various event promotions were distributed across digital channels and ultimately helped stimulate an increase in venue bookings.

“No great brand or online experience is complete without powerful imagery."

AJaye Ranes

Creative Director & Designer

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