Tots Bistro

Tots Bistro is an innovative New American restaurant concept in Boulder, Colorado thats adds a gourmet twist to the classic tater tot.




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New Brand Persona

The Tots brand image needed a major overall, therefore, a fresh, more modern brand identity was constructed. The new brand experience ties to the refinement and character of the bistro interior, the uniqueness of the service, and the niche industry.


Logo Design

The orginal logo, which exhibited a childlike and outdated appearance, needed to be modernized. In result, the new logo design features clean lines with a simple graphic for a minimalistic, modern feel. The main allure of the restaurant (the food) needed to be highlighted in the branding, therefore, the color of tater tots (yellow) was incorporated into the logo.

“I utilized all the tools available to design, visualize, and refine every detail every detail of every brand I create. Tots was no exception”

AJaye Ranes
Founder / Director / Designer  ━━
AR Digital Design  ━━

Brand Identity

A cohesive design system


Style Guidelines

We combined purposeful layouts, fonts, and consistent color palettes to create a cohesive design system for the Tots branding. Unique image treatment and custom iconography ensure consistent application of the brand identity throughout the site.

Tots Bistro Brand Identity Guide@2x.png


Developed a custom icon set to be used throughout the customer journey. Leveraging the forms of the brand mark, the icons evoke a fun and inviting feeling.

SLATE GREY #91a4af

Midnight Slate #232428

Yellow Gold #fed308


Amplify community presence 

In terms of marketing, the ultimate goal was to grab the attention of college students and local Boulder residents and convert them into loyal patrons. Market research methods and social media marketing tactics played a major role in helping to increase the overall customer base as well as introduce the new restaurant to the community.


Market Research

Conducted various research methods to collect important data. Useful knowledge of target consumers was gained for collected data and later utilized to focus marketing efforts.

━━    Surveys
━━    Questionnaires
━━    Mobile App Polling

Social Media Strategy

Engaged with college students and local residents via social media platforms using various marketing tactics. Tactics utilized helped spread the word of the new restaurant in town and increase overall customer base.

━━    Ad Campaigns
━━    Influencer Engagement
━━    Instagram Promos



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